Search Engine Submission Services

"If you build it they will come" may work in the movies, but every Internet site project needs a solid marketing plan and design scheme if it is to succeed.

Let us help you reach hundreds of search engines and directories. We use a sophisticated software that determines your type of site and where it should be submitted. This way your site will be submitted to sites that are relevant to your audience.

We can alleviate this problem for you. Here is what we have to offer:

  • Submission Scheduling
    If you submit your site too often you risk being banned from the search engines. Simply put, you cannot take this risk. Our search engine promotion tool will setup a submission schedule for each search engine and directory and will keep track of how often your site is submitted. It will NEVER over-submit.

  • Manual Submission Emulation
    Search engines today have become wise to "auto-submitters". Use of these types of programs is risky because you may be accused of "spamming" whether intentional or not. This can get you web site banned from the search engines. Our search engine promotion tool emulates a manual submission by waiting for confirmation and does not "submit and forget".

  • More Reliable
    With our search engine software, your Web Site will be submitted more accurately. For directory types of engines, the program will look at both the sub-category and the main category and then make sure the best category is chosen. We will send you a report of the successful submissions (actual listings can vary from 1 day to several months depending on the search engine).

  • More Up To Date
    Our search engine database is updated almost daily. You can be assured that your site will always be submitted to the most current list of search engines on the Internet.

  • Web Ranking
    Our search engine promotion tool will rank your site and a competitor of your choosing to check your web site position on all major search engines. It will tell you how your web site ranks on the search engines and how it compares to your competition.
Advance Search Engine Submittal
We specialize in quality submission, not quanity. Products that simply submit you to hundreds of no-name search engines and suggest you just add meta tags to your page are not going to work. Most experts in the industry will tell you that you're unlikely to relize any significant traffic from "shotgun submissions" method. The key to generating new traffic is to create and maintain pages on your site that will be found in the top 10 to 30 matches on the MAJOR search engines, since thats where 95% of the traffic comes from. Before we submit your web site we will analyze your Meta tags in two distinct ways. First, eLoveTech.net will personally visit and analyze your Web Address (URL). This is important to determine how you can be found and what the proper Meta tags should be for easy locating. Secondly, we will use the same Spider technology as the major search engines such as Lycos, MSN, AOL NetFind, AltaVista, DirectHit and Excite to gather details of your Website: Keywords, Links, Text, etc. and show you how your Web site details are received by the search engines. This process is designed to register your Website (URL) to search engines around the World. Using both form and e-mail based submission software to announce your Website, maximize successful registration. Your future customers and new members must be able to find your Website for you to be effective on the Internet. This will announce your URL to hundreds of small regional search engines and every major search engine including:

Direct Hit
Infoseek (Go Network)
Ask Jeeves
and etc...

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For a small  fee of $29.95 per month for monthly submissions or a one time fee of $69 for one-time submission, we will do all of this for you. We will generate quarterly reports detailing the submission records of all the search engines and your ranking postions of search keywords so you know your exact position in the search engines.
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Monthly Fee $ 29.95

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